Here is an example of my work as an Animation Director.

Projects included are Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros, MTV’s feature film, Beavis and Butthead Do America, WB Online’s Gotham Girls, and CITV/Granada series, SuperNormal.

Here is the trailer for Cartoon Networks “Robotomy”

I had the privilege of being the Animation Direction Supervisor for the 10 episode series. The show is really funny!

Here is the trailer for CITV/Granada series, “Supernormal”

Supernormal is a children's television program for CITV UK. I was the Series Director for all 52, 11-minute episodes. The show is completely done in Flash and it looks great.

Here is a small animated trailer I did along with Carly Monardoand Stephen DeStefano to promote Stephen’s new graphic novel “Lucky In Love Book 1: A Poor Man's History”. The book is out and it’s AWESOME! Go buy one now!

“An Oldie But a Goodie”. This was a promo piece I helped animate for Noodlesoup Production back in its humble beginnings. All traditional animation, with a little 3D thrown in to show off.

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And here is an example of my animation work. 

This demo covers a wide range of projects, spanning my many-many years in the animation biz. From Beavis & Butthead to The Venture Bros and everything in-between.